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About Peaca Dave Parade

Let's have a parade !
Hi there !
Do you know that every year on the 21st of September is the International Peace Day?
On this day we all gather and celebrate Peace

Have you heard of Dr Jane Goodall ?
She is chimpanzees’ best friend !
Do you want to know more about her story with chimpanzees ? Then please check out this website:
JGI-J: http://www.jgi-japan.org/english/index_news.html

Dr Jane is always thinking about animals, humans and the earth. She is asking us to help animals and humans because together we have to the power to make a difference !
You don’t know how to start?
Already millions of people all over the world have started to help.? Here is what you can do: http://www.rootsandshoots.org/

Every year on Peace Day Dr Jane plans parades all over the world.
Everyone parades down the street holding a peace Dove! This year, this will happen for the first time in Japan on Sunday the 23rd of September!
We hope that you, your family, your friends will join us in this event to celebrate Peace all over the world!
How to make a Peace Dove: http://rootsandshoots.thepipeline.us/resource/images/campaigns/GPD_Files/PeaceDoveInstructions_giant.pdf

Even if you cannot come to the parade, don’t forget to celebrate Peace with the people around you !

If you come to the parade, we would love to hear your stories and see your photos!!

We will put these on the website of Roots and Shoots

Let’s make a difference together !!

First Time Peace Day Walk
21st September proclaimed International Peace day!
Please join us for this Worldwide Peace parade
Let’s wish for peace and love together with
friends and family all over the world!

Event Peace Day Walk (simultaneously; all over the world)
Date and Time Sunday 23rd, Sep, 2007
Participants All ages but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
Application Deadline Friday 21st, Sep, 2007
Number of Participants  
Charge Free
Meeting Place Tokyo Shiba Koen (on the premises of Minato library)
Nearest station: Onarimon ( Mita-line )
Parade Walk Start: Tokyo Shiba Koen
Tokyo Tower
Minato Ward Shiba Koen
Zoujyoji temple
Finish: Tokyo Shiba Koen
Other Information

1. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.
2. Please pay your own transport to the parade meeting place.
3. The Peace Day walk is to be carried out even if it rains. In the even of being cancelled, we will put up a notice on the website.
4. We do not accept responsibility for any injuries and accidents incurred during the walk. Please be careful !
5. Please note this is not an antiwar demonstration. The aim of this parade is to have fun and enjoy whilst wishing for a peaceful future for children all around the world!
6. Please feel free to bring you own messages for peace or join us in making peace doves for the parade! Don’t forget to let us know .(contact below)


Contact The Jane Goodall Institute Japan
E-mail: info@jgi-japan.org
URL: http://www.jgi-japan.org