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Welcome to the website of JGI-Japan

JGI (the Jane Goodall Institute) is a non-profit organization first established in the United States in 1977. Grounded in the legacy of Dr. Goodall’s 40 years of chimpanzee research and advocacy, JGI has an international network of organizations committed to Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation. JGI-Japan was established as the 12th international branch in 2001.

For detailed information about what JGI is doing, please visit the following website:

JGI-Japan’s Activities and Events
JGI-Japan currently has 250 members and organizes various activities and events every year.

1) Membership services
・We produce and send newsletters to JGI-Japan members, update the website with information related to environmental issues in order to raise public awareness.
・Dr. Goodall visits Japan every year and gives a talk: we hope Dr. Goodall’s talk brings opportunities for people to reconsider their lifestyle and behavior towards the environment.
・JGI-Japan Tanzania tour: Once a year, JGI-Japan organizes a tour of Tanzania. By visiting project sites in Tanzania including the Lake Tanganyika Catchment Reforestation and Education program (TACARE), Roots & Shoots activities in Kigoma, and wild chimpanzees in Gombe National Park on the tour, participants deepen their knowledge of what JGI is doing abroad, and of the threats wild chimpanzees face. The tour provides participants with opportunities to understand current conditions in Africa, which most Japanese people do not know well.

2) JGI-Japan’s Mission
・Making the world a better place by encouraging everybody to take actions everyday that benefit the environment and the society as a whole.
・Promotion of Roots & Shoots program, which is aimed at raising people’s awareness of the environmental effect of their daily activities.
・Taking corrective action in the world where humans coexist with nature.
・We hope there will eventually be a day we will not need to protect chimpanzees, other wildlife, and conserve their habitats.

3) Examples of Roots & Shoots (R&S) in Japan
・Many elementary school teachers have taken to the idea of R&S. Children gather
after school and take part in environmental activities with teachers.
・Community leaders are contacted by R&S, and a lecture by an expert is organized for the community to set up a biotope on the school grounds.
・The staff of the Tokyo Electric Power Company are conducting an activity to recycle disposable wooden chopsticks which are collected from the box lunches delivered to the company.

4) Upcoming events (2007)
・On April 22, JGI-Japan will participate in Earth Day Tokyo. In the hope of reaching out to a lot of people in Japan, we will publicize Dr. Goodall and Roots & Shoots activities.
・On May 12, members will gather in Tokyo to exchange opinions and information. In addition, a lecture by a researcher on great apes will be held.
・In November, an event called SAGA(Support for African / Asian Great Apes) will be held at which a research scientist, a zookeeper dealing with great apes and the general public will gather. The event provides not only a place for researchers to exchange opinions, but also for the general public to find out more about great apes (in the wild/in captivity) and threats they are facing. Please visit the following website for more information: http://www.saga-jp.org/index.jhtml

Please send us email at info(at)jgi-japan.org if you have any comments or questions!